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March 15, 2011



Funny you should mention this... we've recently become total ebay-junkies after investing in a number of design classic bits and bobs via the day job and placing them on the site for sale. What we've also done though is clear out some of our own personal objects that we've been carting round the globe in a gypsy fashion. We are self-confessed hoarders and to finally lose some of that excess weight feels surprisingly, incredibly good - not to mention the growing stash of cash on the paypal account!!!! Hubby has a bike fetish so he watches about 15 bikes at any one time, like you it rarely materialises into a purchase but he seems to still get a kick out of it....


Hmmm, interesting new consumer behaviour trend emerging! We too have a garage full of stuff we want to sell Steffi and that's my next move after I've cleared my wardrobe out....perhaps 'getting rid of stuff' as well as 'watching and not buying' is a middle age thing? Ax


I agree - it's the thrill of the transaction, the new piece in the bag and the promise that it brings - the aspiration of it. As you take the time to see, to think, you have the chance to ruminate, and really think through what that piece/item could bring to your life, and, often, although it will be beautiful, it's hardly essential. It's being taken out of that moment. Which, in turn means that, when you do purchase an item, you know that it's a thoughtful purchase, and is more likely to make a difference to your wardrobe/home, rather that yet another item that you may not be able to afford.


This year I am trying to be more aware of any non essential purchase I make. In the past I've tended to buy on impulse and it's meant a wardrobe full of mismatched items and regular jaunts to the shops to return things. So if I see something I like I try it on and then walk away and think about it for a week or two. If I'm still interested I go back and try it on again, often I find it looks different or I feel different about it. So far I've only bought a breton top and a belt with this method - both of which I'm really please with. However, it is only March so I'm not cracking open the champagne just yet.


Isn't this interesting? Is it because we are wiser now? Is this experience talking? Ax


Ebay..Love it! After my daughter's love-rat boyfriend dumped her I sold every one of his presents and presented her with a cheque to blow as she desired. An empty perfume bottle from Christmas had 10 people bidding for it!


Interesting. . . I don't do Ebay at all, but I've noticed this phenomenon with regular shopping myself in the last two months. I decided not to make any big declarations about shopping, but simply to give myself time for another look-in later. And just as you describe, by the time that second look comes around, the "buy"impulse is gone. I haven't bought anything this year so far. I'm heading to London/Paris today for six weeks, and wondering how I'll manage this more mindful shopping while I'm in those scrumptious retails cities. My carry-on-sized luggage should help!

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