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March 15, 2011



Is Cos a relatively new thing ? I had never heard of them when I left the UK 5 and a half years ago - am looking forward to having a look around one this summer.


Oh Becky, you have a treat in store. yes it's only a couple of years old, is part of the Hennes group and is a bit of a cross between Prada Sport and Jil Sander...we think of it as our Topshop.....Ax ps we have heard there's a website selling stock in the pipeline...


Oh Becky, you're missing out it's amazing. I'd say a cross between Jil Sander and Gap. In fact I wish Gap would take a leaf out of their book!


I'm even more excited now - which is the best one to go to do you think ? I'll dump the kids and pop up for a sophisticated shop as soon as I can manage it, sounds wonderful !


Regent Street or Covent Garden, there 's also quite a good one in Westfield. There aren't that many in total. have fun

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