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March 27, 2011



How interesting. My parents recently came to visit us and we were looking through boxes of old photographs - we were saying just the same thing - we didn't know who so many of the people in the photographs were and were regretting the fact that we didn't speak to the people who knew before they died. I, like you, would like to know as much as possible about our family before the knowledge is all lost.

I have been watching lost of Who Do You Think You Are on DVD recently and it seems to me that those celebrities who are short on the relative front have a much harder time tracing who they are - it's also interesting, what many of them say, as you get older you feel this inexplicable need to find out where you come from - when you are young and all your older relatives are around, you couldn't care less !


Did you get to keep those lovely vintage coathangers? Oh the memories that we miss...
My whole family photo albums were lost, after a lifetime of my father taking shot of us all. Now all I have is vivid memories of me as a baby in a large Silver Cross Pram! My Grandfather (long since dead said were related to Abraham Lincoln! Now where on earth would a Norfolk farming family come into that equasion.... until I recently read that his mother/or grandmother was from... you guessed it Norfolk! Who knows.. keep talking to those relatives it's later than you think.

R. Kellock

Your mention of coat hangers prompts me to confess, many years ago my job required staying in hotels through out the U.K and at that time ,all hotel groups provided personalised coat hangers.Having "acquired" a great number my wardrobe is a constant reminder of my travels to exciting places such as Workington,Hull and Todmorden

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