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March 11, 2011


Penny Dreadful Vintage

The most important thing for me is a range of body sizes and shapes. They don't need to actively make mannequins of models ugly though, that isn't really useful either!


I hate the fact that they have been named The Ugly's, they are not ugly they are normal! If they are a 'refelction of reality' why call them ugly - weird. Personally I quite like them as they are quirky and not a bad copy of Cheryl Cole or some super model - like most mannequins seem to be. Did they have any women?


Sadly no women, that's a really interesting point, do you think that might have been too controversial? Not quite so sensitive an issue making fun of men, but women...hmm a whole different set of rules apply. Any comments on that ladies? Ax


Well, it could be worse. As mannequins they'll have clothes on in the shops. That's what makes it possible for the rest of us normal Uglies to go outside, isn't it?

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