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March 05, 2011


Anna Wilson-Patterson

Not for me thanks, I'm up to my ears in 'Toast'. Just writing to say I wish your WBN well, from a fellow WBN giver x


Oh I love Toast! One of my favourite books ever, So beautifully written, good luck with your give aways! Ax


My brother keeps telling me how good this is. And would you believe, I was in Trafalgar Square yesterday evening and didn't see anybody giving away books though they were gathering for the start of the book event. I suppose I could have hung around longer but the lure of the National Gallery was stronger. And it was very chilly!

Sara Mathews

One of the joys of "middle life" for me is waking up early and spending half an hour reading before I begin my day, this, i think would be perfect for an early morning read.


Having just lost my job in fashion due to the economic downturn,
I might just have some time for reading the latest of this fascinating
series. Please, please consider me! Sarah


sarah, sara and m..can you mail me your addresses (my email is on the side of the blog) and I'll pop your books in the post tomorrow morning, got one left...anyone? Amandax


As a kid I couldn't get enough of reading - I used to lock myself in the bathroom to get a bit of uninterupted silence from the family with my latest Mallory Towers/Famous five etc. Nowadays I find the most relaxing time for a read is on a long train journey (especially if there's a quiet carriage) and I have a couple coming up soon - 2.10hrs to Poole to visit family, 3.30hrs to Barnstable to visit friends, so would love to have this book to enjoy then. I have a rule that if I finish a book whilst on a train or a plane that I leave it there for the next person to pick up and hopefully enjoy. So I hope you can consider me!


there we go then, all four books are now bagged, well done Jude! I've got your address, right? Ax


Brilliant, thanks Amanda. Yes you have my address. Will keep space in my case for it on my trip this weekend.

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