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April 20, 2011



Ummmm, N says the boys are (and I quote here) 'being ridiculous'. Obviously YOU need all of your gadgets, N is in favour of Everyone Else either going without or sharing. I say (and this is me, not N, so we are both being harsh here), if you're on sodding facespace all day then why bother going on holiday? Leave them at home (the boys) to revise and stuff. Think of the money you'll save! Think of the other things you can buy having saved said money!

We've just been to A Salt and Battery, the chippy in NY with K and her boy J. We have eaten well, and then stuffed ourselves on Dairy Milk (J), Ripple (K) and Terry's Chocolate Orange (me, although I did share with J). 'Home' now (it feels like home) with red wine! x x x

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