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April 16, 2011


Penny Dreadful Vintage

LOVE it. If I had £68, it would be mine ;)


totally fab!


Love it. I made a similarly enormous hat last year from a beautiful green and blue Amy Butler print. For that totally matchy-matchy 60s look I made a beach bag from the leftover fabric, with faux bamboo handles. I don't give two hoots that people can see me coming from several miles away. I am comfy and that is what matters!

So much do I love my giant sunhat, I bought a second one in plain black straw by Ophelie Hats - from the V&A shop. So now I can peer mysteriously out at the world whatever I am wearing.


Well I'm glad it met with approval ladies, I am now just wondering how I am going to get it in my suitcase without ruining it.


Amanda it's completely fabulous and don't let anyone tell you any different! Margo and you. A fine pair.


Thank you Steffi, I've always been a bit 'Margo' Ax

Sue Evans

Nice hat ... shame about the price. Anthropologie doesn't really work for most of us lesser mortals. Way too expensive .....

Caroline Davis

Love the hat but I'm still working on the idea that Coco Chanel started...
The popularity of tanning can be traced to a single moment in 1923. After cruising from Paris to Cannes, designer Coco Chanel stepped off the Duke of Wellington's yacht with a startling suntan. Chanel had apparently gotten too much sun by accident, but the press and fashion world assumed the immensely influential Frenchwoman was making a fashion statement. 'I think she may have invented sunbathing,' Prince Jean-Louis de Faucigny-Lucigne said. 'At that time, she invented everything.' Soon, daring women in Europe and America were baring their skin to the sun."


Caroline, I never knew that, terrific thanks! Trust Chanel. Ax


Post Script here....can I also mention that this hat featured in Grazia as their buy of the week a couple of weeks after I posted this? Ahem.....you read about it here first. Ax

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