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May 28, 2011



I love Ella's Whistles dress! It looks great with the belt and shoes.

I must say I giggled while reading this entry, all about what the designers are wearing instead of what they were showcasing, the day after yesterday's entry on media focusing on dresses only .... ;) ;).


Susanna, you have a point! But our annoyance with the Kate/Michelle coverage was the way the media went totally bonkers over the clothes, as if it was the most important thing going.

You might notice that all our 'style icons' are over 30 ( I might be doing Ella an injustice here but she had the elegant air of a grown up). The reason we shout loudly about how good they look is BECAUSE no one else is, the fashion industry is slow to love the over 35s.

We have very few role models when we get older, so we make it our business to say how great someone looks when we do find them. Indeed we did something similar about Michelle in the early days of her 'reign', I think she has terrific style, possibly the best example of 'casual glamour' ever seen on a US president's wife.

The worry is when it's the first point of reference -over hyped- by the press. The fashion press are possibly the worst at it. You should see the amount of press releases we get from brands pointing out their 'Kate dresses'....

So we will continue to shoot older style icons if they look inspiring, no matter what they do, as we need the inspiration. But we wont get hysterical about it (altho we do get occasional hysterical girl-crushes- both Jane and I are still mad for Patti Smith).


My apologies. You are of course absolutely right! I really agreed with Friday's entry and enjoyed yesterday's. I've been following your blog daily for a few months now and I think it is great, both in its spirit and its execution.
My comment was intended as a light-hearted "giggly" observation without any sting to it, but I can understand how it looked like criticism. For this I am truly sorry!


Don't be daft! it was a great comment! My reply was trying to justify our point, but I loved your challenge, giggly or not! and we totally encourage any discourse like this, keep it coming Susanna, you have no need to apologies....we like to be kept on our toes! Axx

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