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May 15, 2011



I love, love, love the coloured trousers trend this season - I already have two pairs of red trousers. I popped to our local Zara the other day and my mouth watered as soon as I entered the place, it was full of fabulous colour. However the high did not last long as I took a gorgeous pair of purple trousers to the changing room in a size L, the biggest they had and I could hardly get them over my thighs - I am a size 14, mostly, but these trousers were so small it was crazy - I thought that maybe it was just me so I spoke to a good friend of mine who is a size 10 and she said she has the same trouble in there - trousers so small in the leg you just can't get them on - I can only assume that they are cutting their trousers for the stick thin adolescents that seem to be all over Europe at the moment - I was very disappointed !


Oh what a shame Becky, I'd let Zara know about this. They need to appeal to all ages and sizes and a lot of the styles they have this season do. But no point if they don't actually fit!

J x


Love the trend, and the colors- but doesn't the poor fit at the crotch bother you?


Now that you come to mention it Dot they do look a bit weird on theses images. But seem to be ok when they are on a body.

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The wait for COD: MW3 is killing me, I wish it would just be released already!

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Would you recommend wearing a suit jacket with different (ie lighter) coloured trousers?

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