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May 27, 2011



I agree COMPLETELY! I've been getting more and more wound up with the inane media comments on her dresses, as if that's all we care about or all she's worth. Brilliant post!


Great comments.

J Ballard

Mixed feelings here today I'm afraid ladies!
Whilst theres no doubt as to the intelligence of Mrs OB,it cannot be ignored that she is dressing (or trying to) impress. If she wanted to blend in then she would never wear a blue brocade prom style dress, which just happened to match the chairs in Buckingham Palace! Yes, the press as usual go overtop on their fashion coverage, but it shows that a £175 dress, as worn by Kate, looks just as good, probably better than one costing £1000's. It just goes to show pressure to look 'fabulous' sadly effects everyone, because if the clever Mrs OB had turned up to greet the Queen in comfy trousers with sensible shoes, whe would have faced equal vitriol from the press.


Good article, but please please please you don't need to use an apostrophe when it's a plural! They're the Obamas. And the Cambridges. As opposed to Michelle Obama's clothes. And the Obamas' children. It's not difficult.


I stand corrected Hattie, I have never got apostrophes, but now I know!

Tracy C

Dress wars indeed! Kate's choice is made just as much for the UK media as Michelle's is for the US. Kate knows how wonderful the UK fashion pack love the idea of a 'Royal' buying off-the-peg chain-store clothing - so in tune with financially straightened times! Whilst the US media would certainly expect Michelle to go all out with her choices on an historic state visit - so yay to matching the chairs. The pressure is even worse for Michelle - imagine having to worry that her choice of clothes might affect her husband's job security! It's so very sad that women continue to be commodified and scrutinized in this way. By the way Hattie, I salute you!


Oh ladies I apologise profusely for my terrible apostrophe atrocities. *repeats to self* must try harder must try harder.
But glad you agree about the pressure women in the public eye are put under by the media.
I suspect (in fact more than suspect) Kates 'buying off the peg' is more of a PR exercise than anything else. But at least it sends the right message!


So pleased that you have taken the time to comment on Michelle's speech. I too was annoyed at all the focus on her frocks rather than her intelligence, her speech was incredibly well written and thoughtful.

Another Joan

Laughing at the idea that Kate has to tan to "blow Michelle Obama out of the water" while Mrs O simply lives in her natural skin.


Well said!


Well I too apologise for my slightly stroppy sign off, and thank you for making the corrections. I was just a bit frustrated that my enjoyment of your thought provoking article was being over-shadowed by my apostrophe irritation. But all is good now.

Swift PAT

Great comments bloggers. Well Said !!

griffey max

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