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May 07, 2011



My grandfather had one - we had a local pub called The Pegasus, he pronounced it the Peg-ARSE-us...it never failed to amuse.

gillian taylor

In our family it is how people say Waitrose!! Do they say Wait rose as if it is two words or Waitrose with a tr in the middle!! I can tell you it cause a great deal of discussion in our family!!!


One of my (many) pet peeves is 'prostrate' for 'prostate' (usually by lay people who consider themselves experts on medical matters). And I refuse to listen to any environmentalists or activists of any description who pronounce 'nuclear' as 'nucular'.

Pippa - NOM de PLUME

You've had me crying with laughter!
My father says piTza and no amount of teasing will make him change it, another of his favourites is hamBURRRGER!
It really embarrassed me as a teenager but now I love him for it!


When I was at Oxford Poly (it will always be Oxford Poly to me and never Oxford Brookes), we had a senior science lecturer who insisted on calling microbes' mickrobes'. it used to drive us mad and we never got a sensible answer out of why she insisted on this shortening of the i. It was something Latin based probably but we were always giggling too much to really understand her reasoning. Ax


Oh dear not sure ic an cope with all these new pronunciations as they are clearly SO SO wrong!
But glad I'm not the only who's noticed them!
J x


For some years I pronounced Portakabins as "por tarka bins" - not realising that it was a fancy spelling of portacabins. I still do - it gives everyone a laugh and makes me happy thinking of otters residing there in!

In Trafford there is a caff by the United ground called Legends. A temp secretary once told a colleague she was going to leg ends for lunch


Driving back from the airport in the very early hours one Sunday morning, I switched on the local radio chat station where the topic under discussion was Easter and the crucifixion. According to the reporter there was a disciple called Pontius Pilates.

Also,I have a friend who refers to the healthy breakfast cereal as Moo-ess-lee.

And my Grandmother used to refer to that 80's puzzle as the Pubic Cube.


I am loving these new words but slightly disturbed!

Jacqueline I know someone else who says por tarka bins, and may adopt that one too.

J x


I have ZERO TOLERANCE for the way Yorkshire people drop their "h". OMFG. There, I've said it.

Rachel L

Oh dear, I say "tuth" as well! I picked that one up from my mum, apparently that's how they pronounce it down in Devon where she grew up. It drives my husband potty! My FIL once called a dado rail a dildo rail - I don't think he had any idea why I was laughing so much, and, of course, I couldn't explain it to him!

Karen Greenfield

My faves are: ecks-press-oh, eck-set-tera and harris (like the tweed) instead of harrass. There are others but I can't remember them at the moment...loved the other comments here. Karen


Rachel you need to stop this 'tuth' business right now!!!
And harris is SO SO wrong Karen - people need to be told!!!

J x

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