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May 04, 2011



Do you know any 35+ brides then? Do tell where they find their 35+ (or even 45+) potential grooms (with intelligent conversation, sharp wit, good table manners etc) because I'm dammed if I know!


Oh Jude, that's a VERY interesting subject, dating after 35 and where to find a suitable bloke is a hot topic of conversation with my single girlfriends and I feel we should be covering dating after 35 on the site, as more of us are single later now.
Ypou could take India Knight's advice and hang about The Connaught hotel (her heroine does this in her book Comfort & Joy).
Maybe we should gat a dating correspondant?


You're so right, there are so many more of us single women of an age out there nowadays. I'm just stumped where all the corresponding men are - even allowing for the 51% female/49% male ratio in the UK and all those lovely but totally unattainable gay guys (what a waste Tom Ford) they should be lining the streets. Watch out the Connaught is all I have to say!
A dating correspondant sounds a very good idea...


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