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May 20, 2011


Jo Crisp

You can also get coloured jeans at Primark (are we allowed to mention Primark here?) for £10. So far I've bought red, pink and white. They are ankle length, slim in the leg with a little bit of lycra so are comfortable.
They also have a fab range of cushions at present, £4-£6, which include those which look like bus blinds, blanket stitched dark grey with appliqued LOVE motif and union jack style.


I'm on my way to Primark Jo!


Belstaff Jackets

For any folks invested in more and better resident contribution, that is a knock back, i believe. But strangely enough, the newest one-pager Can involve many responsibilities around consultation.

Samantha Jones

I really love the way these trousers look, I have recently bought very similar ones for this spring. I really love red color and I think it will never be out of fashion.

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