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June 01, 2011


Jo Crisp

I rarely shop at Hobbs because I think the clothes are too ageing and old fashioned. I'm 52.


Jo I think that's why I hadn't been in for ages too, and I appreciate I saw probably one of the nicest stores (the one in Covent Garden might even be the flagship) but I was quite impressed with the range, I spotted a great chambray dress, a neat red short sleeved sweater as well as the skirt, so maybe worth taking another look. The website, I have to say, is a bit frumpy looking and weird to navigate, but try a shop. Anyone else bought anything recently? A


That skirt is gorgeous ! I was just reading Mary Portas' review of Hobbs yesterday and she felt it was a bit Home Counties frumpy - obviously I don't get to go there very often - well once a year really, and last year I would have agreed with her, but that skirt does not look frumpy at all. Will give it another look this summer.

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This skirt is totally gorgeous and classy !!

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