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June 03, 2011


Sue A

That is a very lovely black swimsuit;it's already been in my basket at N-A-P once but it had to come out:£340, I just couldn't...btw I found your blog last week and I love it.regards Sue


Thank you Sue, and it is a stonkingly large amount of money, but it's a lifetime swimsuit I think. And glad you like the blog! We're pleased you are reading. Ax


Oh God yeah! They are wonderful, gorgeous, so Marilyn! And......and..... AND you SO need curves to wear these (no skinnies in these please!) Sod the money, they're worth it.

That's Not My Age

Beautiful but sadly a bit out of my price range

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gorgeous! those black swimsuits are beautiful, I want it so badly.

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Smoldering!!! they are so mysteriously sexy... i want to wear one tonight!!! Wish i could find some discount on them.. :(


So gorg! Seeing a lot of swimwear that reads lingerie. These lace high waist briefs are exactly whats happening in underthings right now!

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