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June 02, 2011



I love film but I love books more, so it's always with trepidation that I go to see a film of the book. I don't think I mind the transfer to NY of Alison Pearson's book, but total groan over Anne Hathaway's attempt at Emma's Yorkshire accent - terrible! Anyway for anyone who is in love with Jackson Brodie from Kate Atkinson's books, reviews are looking excellent for the TV series of Case Histories starting on the 5th June. Even before seeing it, I think Jason Isaacs is the perfect choice for Jackson Brodie...I'm turning pink with excitement as I type this! PS thanks for the heads up on the Stoke Newington literary festival -so much closer than Fowey when you live in N London!


I couldn't quite see what the fuss about One Day was. It read like well written chick lit to me, nothing wrong with that, I know, but by the time I got to it post the hype and the word of mouth I was expecting something more. The film looks like excellent airplane fodder- I'll be there with my moth eaten cashmere blanket and anti-thrombosis socks - ooh I'm quite looking forward to it.


Jackson Brodie's coming to the telly? No one told me...thank you Tracyc for pointing THAT out....'books place on sofa in advance'. Ax

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These are all inter-related facets and fundamental to one another. Much of this, in the end, is rooted in tradition, as tradition is another means of expression and symbolism.

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Absolument. Parfois, le meilleur exercice de l'écriture pour moi est d'écrire un blog de ​​mémoire - il desserre les articulations, pour ainsi dire. Je ferais bien de s'en souvenir plus souvent ...

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